Ticci Toby X Male Reader Deviantart

lemon, toby, murder. And just notice how AWESOME this fanart I found is! It was drawn by someone named 0ktavin on deviantart. The whole three chapters from my deviantart account. [Yandere!Proxies X Female!Reader] THIS IS A FICTIONAL STORY! DO NOT ROMANTICIZE REAL SERIAL KILLERS! Ticci-Toby Belongs to Kasto-way Hoodie and Masky belong to Marble Hornets All other characters belong to their original creator unless stated otherwise. The other characters are often anime characters , vocaloid or any sort of character that people are interested in. May 12, 2015 *Frowns* I can't read it though I read this kind stuff since I was 10 or 11(because I was into yaoi then and I still am). *Sighs* Oh well, I have to www. Deviantart. <<<<< WHAT IS A S'MORE??<<<<